Her mother was standing in front of her, looking right into her. Watching her closely, like a cat would, when she missed dinner.
"Can you please repeat that, doctor? I might have misunderstood something here", her mother said.
"Well, at some point they have to start, haven't they?"
Damn Dr. Schneider, her mother must have thought. The damn Germans who came to her god blessed country over night.

Linsey imagined how, in her stomach, tiny little monsters were about to create a little penis or a vagina. Little hands and tears. She shivered while she was still lying on the chair, her legs wide open, inviting everyone who wanted to have a look.

She thought about him. And the other hims. Names were floating around in her head, while she starred at a weird picture of an elephant at the wall. Since she'd left school and there was no place to work at in the city, she had started to go to clubs every night. Cerveza for one Euro. Usually she had ten of them, long before she spoke to one of the guys.

"So what would be the next steps?" Her mother started the inevitable conversation. Placed her hand under her chin, her bracelet made a noise like someone just crashed against a wall. Her mother talked to that old man, like she was selling orange juice to him.

Dr. Schneider seemed to wait for the right moment. He opened his mouth in a way that appeared as if he had prepared a speech for occasions like that. "Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of, Linsey...", he grabbed a book out of the shelve, "as long as you know who the father is." His voice had lowered at this point.

He looked at Linsey, concerned. Linsey thought to herself that she had grown in just two seconds.
"Yes, I would like to know that, too." Mrs. Filitia coughed nervously.
She gave Linsey a tough look.

The heat of the Spanish sun always stopped on her shoulder, when she went home after a night of drinking with the guys. She never knew, where she would wake up, but she had always told her mother that she had slept at her aunt's place. Her mother hasn't spoken to her sister in over five years.
Family disputs. Sometimes they come in handy.

Linsey thought of her options. Either, she could tell the doctor and her mother that she had slept with the whole city of Alicante. Even with Mr. Dolino, that disabled bastard that never took his shoes off, when she had sucked his cock. Or she could just run away.

Linsey put her skirt down. She left the room. Ignored the mute cries of her mother. Like she always had.
Where would she go? It was early evening, if she would never come back, it wouldn't hurt anyone but the sun, she thought. Actually, she had never been to Barcelona on her own.

Laura Elisa Nunziante, June 2014

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